Get ready for this year's biggest thing. Aside from the Xbox One.

Countdown to the Playstation 4

November 14, 2013

One of the most anticipated releases this year is the Sony Playstation 4 console. Landing on November 29th, it’s gearing up to be one of the biggest sellers in the Christmas rush.

About the Playstation 4

Along with the also-much-anticipated Xbox One released later this month (November 22nd), the Playstation 4 is Sony’s latest advance in living room gaming technology. It’s one of those boxes you plug into the TV and run around shooting people, only this time with even more zing and pow.

It’s got an all-new state of the art processor, graphics cards to beat the band and 8GB of thinkin’ juice. All this technology adds up to a svelte black box of Playstation 4 awesomeness that will make you one of the coolest people on the block.

New controller

When you’re playing your new Playstation 4 console, you’ll want to get your hands on a controller to really max up the excitement to 90. Playstation’s new controller features all-new buttons, double swirly joggles, a touch screen and multiple vibrators so it can leap around like a mad thing. You won’t believe your wrists.

Taking things further than the old controllers, these feature built-in speakers so you can slag off all the other fools online, or plug headphones in without the hassle of cords everywhere.

Watch Playstation 4 videos

Find out more and see it in action on the Playstation 4 video section. We’ve assembled some great Playstation themed video to get you ready for this amazing console. Go check it out.

Find Playstation 4 games and accessories

Find all the Playstation 4 games and accessories you could ever want. Everything from controllers, a Playstation 4 camera and more.

Pre-order Playstation 4 at Shop Ireland

Make sure you place your Playstation 4 pre-order today, as they tend to run out in the initial release and you may miss out.

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